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Verruccae Needling

What is verrucae needling?

Needling is a procedure where the verruca / wart is punctured with a small needle to cause bleeding and stimulate the body’s immune system to resolve the problem.


Is it painful?

This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and therefore does not hurt. A recent study found that patients experienced minimal post operative pain.


What is the advantage of this procedure?

There are many treatments for a verruca / wart although the results are mixed and the treatments are often painful. In addition, they often require several consultations.

Needling is an effective treatment, often working following the first treatment. You can remove the dressing the next day and continue as normal.


Is this suitable for multiple / large verrucae/ warts?

The treatment is appropriate for all verrucae / warts although often the largest is targeted in the first instance


If it does not work, what are my options?

The treatment can be repeated but any of the other common treatments can still be provided.


Will I need to take a pain killer afterwards?

These are generally not necessary and anti-inflammatories should be avoided as this could reduce the body’s immune response to the treatment.


How successful is the treatment?

Until recently, there was very little information on success rates. However, a recent paper has demonstrated:

* 31 patients (69%) had complete resolution

* 3 patients had reduced size and pain

* 11 showed no improvement

* There were no post operative infections or scarring

* Only mild symptoms were reported – bruising, slight discomfort


How can I arrange a treatment?

Once a verrucae is confirmed you can phone in to book a session of needling. It is important that you don't drive home from your appointment as your foot may be numb.