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This section has information on how to help keep your feet healthy and conditions that might affect them.

Common Conditions

Corns & Callus (Hard skin) are routine problems and are usually treated during a routine appointment, advice on prevention if applicable will be given at the same time.

Athlete's Foot is a condition of the foot where fungal growth affects the skin.

Toenails can be very problematic ranging from general nail care to fungal infections and ingrowing toenails.

Verrucae are caused by a very infectious virus - the Human Papillomavirus. They are often mistaken for corns and can be very painful.

Blisters are commonly caused by rubbing often the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes or improper footwear for any given activity e.g. running.

Cracked Heels are a common problem.  If the cracks become deep, they can become very painful, bleed and become an entrance site for infection.

Specialist Conditions

Diabetes can have serious effects on your foot health; our podiatrists are able to provide you with advice on how to minimise these effects. Please click the 'Diabetic' image for more information on this condition.

Bunions are an enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe - the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. Bunions form over a period of time commonly as a result of the pressure on the MTP joint usually caused by the way we walk, inherited foot type or badly fitting shoes.

Foot Pain including the heel, arch and front of the foot can all be associated with the way in which we walk (gait cycle) and the shoes that we wear.

Arthritis affects joints within in the body and can be commonly found within the small joints of the foot.

Many more conditions including Knee Pain, Achilles Problems, Shin Splints, Mortons Neuroma, Heel Pain and Forefoot Pain also assessed.

Ingrown toenail
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