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Routine Appointment/Consultation

This treatment includes nail care and the removal of all hard skin and corns. The Podiatrist will provide any relevant foot health advice and discuss any concerns you may have regarding the health of your feet and legs. The treatment is then completed with the application of a moisturiser to your feet.


This appointment can also be booked to discuss any other foot problems/concerns you may have including foot or leg pain, verrucae and resulting treatment options we can provide for you.

Nail Cutting Services

Do you need a low cost solution for nail care? Register for our Nail Cutting Service as follows:

  • Make an initial standard 30 minute appointment with one of our HCPC Registered Podiatrists' who will conduct a Foot Health Check and provide any required treatment.

  • Upon completion of a Foot Health Check you may qualify for our Nail Cutting service.

  • If accepted for this service a return date will be advised within 10 weeks.  

  • After 12 months you will need another standard appointment so our Podiatrist can assess whether there have been any changes in your foot health.


Podiatry is becoming more and more advanced with biomechanics and the assessment and treatment of how people walk and run. Traditionally if a foot appeared flat then arch supports were used to help lift the foot. Modern techniques have significantly moved on from this. We look now at what the foot is doing and also at how the entire lower limb functions.


Biomechanical problems are not just applicable to the sports men and women; long term chronic lower limb pain can be attributable to poor biomechanical function.

Ingrown & Involuted Nails

Ingrowing/Involuted toenails are extremely painful and can be treated regularly with routine treatment to encourage the nail to grow healthily.


However when the problem persists and regular treatment proves ineffective, it is often more cost effective to have part or the whole of the nail removed. This is achieved under local anaesthetic where a chemical (phenol) is then applied to the nail matrix to attempt to prevent the problem from re-occuring.


This treatment includes dressings and review/redressing appointments.

Services We Offer


This is a selection of the wide range of available patient services:




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Verruca - My Two Feet
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